Powerful Communication for Leaders

Helps managers increase impact and deliver better results with high employee engagement. This workshop helps managers build their engagement action plan for their business, team or a project. Read the one page summary to learn more.

Conversations Create

Designed to fast track change, grow ideas and embed innovation in teams. This is a one way workshop designed to help leaders enlist employee support and activate creativity in teams.

Leader Listening; Trust Building

Listen, understand, engage: build trust and raise engagement. Learn how to immerse yourself in the workforce and gain insights that will boost your impact.

Open your door and walk the floor

Learn face to face strategies to consistently connect with your team or workforce. Implement changes that will build your leader brand and enlist employee action.

Involve Employees: turn ideas to action

Learn how to enlist employee support in your priorities. Learn where you can involve and engage in action planning. Use templates that help you brainstorm with your team and turn this into action plans for change.




Workshops are run in-house for whole teams or made up of attendees from across your organisation.

Follow-up e-mentoring is included after all sessions.

Workshops can be combined to build modules or multiple days.

All workshops can be tailored to leader development plans.