My goal is to provide communication advice and support which adds value and delivers results. 

I am a qualified communicator, marketer and executive coach. I have over 20 years experience working and consulting for organisations, delivering real audience engagement. I have cross sector knowledge in private and public sectors having worked internationally in infrastructure, transport, logistics, utilities and healthcare and and in all levels of government.

I focus on the strategic needs of leaders and businesses. I help them achieve outcomes through real communication that sticks. This includes communicating with employees, leaders, unions, customers, communities or government.

Internally I work with front-line managers, experts, executive teams and boards to ensure their communication is relevant, impactful and delivers. My experience as an in-house communicator means I appreciate your business reality and the challenge you or your communication teams face. 

Externally I build meaningful relationships with stakeholders to promote dialogue, partnership and engagement. 

I have extensive experience working in corporate, industrial and highly unionised businesses. I have significant experience working with front line management to boost white and blue collar engagement and communication.

Key focus areas include corporate strategy execution, transformation, automation, restructures and outsourcing. I have also delivered major improvements in attraction, retention, reputation and issues management.

My insight and experience ensure communication connects with audiences, bringing value to your business. Read more here about what my clients have said about my work.