I mentor leaders that want to enhance their leadership with greater communication and presence. I focus on three key elements: Connection, Content, Conversation.

An experienced mentor, I help with communication, involvement, engagement, dialogue and delivery. My work builds leader communication capabilities and puts these to practice between sessions.

I mentor leaders from all disciplines and levels seeking higher employee engagement, increased dialogue or those wanting to build a more positive personal brand.  

The value you receive will help improve how you:

LEAD YOURSELF: make your mark in your new role, review or establish your personal brand and clearly focus on your priorities.

LEAD PROJECTS: succeed at leading business priorities, deliver major projects, communicate with clarity and achieve culture or change outcomes.

LEAD PEOPLE: build greater emotional intelligence and listening skills, position yourself right and engage your team/employees more effectively.

Your mentoring plan is designed specifically to support your professional priorities and career progression.


Real support:

  • Aligned to your needs

  • Structured

  • Insight and experience

  • Personal growth

  • Goal driven


"Paul mentors me in my new position, providing valuable insight and knowledge that has set me up to succeed in my role. 

He helps me focus on priorities and outcomes aligned to the needs of the business through actively listening and work-shopping my ideas with me.”

Dec 2018.