Fact: Better leadership communication improves employee and stakeholder support.

Leadership communication is a key driver of high performance and engagement. Often leaders fail to translate their goals into authentic and real actions for stakeholders or employees. For whatever reason they might lack the confidence or communication capability. Leaders might be new to their role, from a technical background or unaware of the needs of their audience.

You don't have to be a "people person" to communicate well. I work directly with leaders at all levels to build greater communication ability and impact. Automation and digitalisation means leaders have to work harder to humanise their communication than ever before in order to connect with their audience.

My work has helped leaders deliver better face to face communication and understand how this drives better performance in teams and with customers.



  • Leadership communication one on one advice

  • Listening techniques to build trust

  • Communication advice + feedback

  • Personalised communication planning

  • Personal branding: delivery + content

  • Plain English: make your messages real.

Leaders must be able to communicate and drive business results. This means they must be skilled in articulating a vision...In order to influence people, motivate them to take action and ignite passion in your organization, you owe it to yourself to become the best communicator and leader you can be.
— Suzanne Bates, CEO at Bates Consulting (US)